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optionalvalue optional

Change default list navigation behavior. With this flag enabled:

  • Lists (list-of and selection-of) used with navigation modes will not be paginated. Instead, they will render as a single list with the current results in focus highlighted as a group. The group's size will be equivalent to the page-size. This behavior lets the user freely switch between hands-free and hands-on modes.
  • When the device is in hands-free mode, users can select list items within the highlighted group by saying the name of the item, or by using an ordinal such as "the first one" or "the third one". This will be interpreted by Bixby as relative to the start of the highlighted group, not the list as a whole.
  • When the device is in hands-on mode, the navigation-mode block will not be evaluated. Dialog for hands-on modes should be placed within message blocks in your views.

When enhanced list navigation mode is enabled, the default page-size will change depending on the device type:

  • Fridge: 4
  • Speaker: 1
  • TV: 0 (all items will be rendered as usual, with no specific highlighting and no spoken-summary)
  • All other devices: 3

This runtime flag is disabled by default in all runtime versions.

In order to test this behavior in the Simulator, you need to enable the Enhanced List Navigation feature.


capsule {
runtime-version (8) {
overrides {
enhanced-list-navigation (true)