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2020 January - March

7.13.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Welcome to v7.13.0, the 20D release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces a few small updates and bug fixes.

Limit Close Tab Commands to Current Tab Group

We've updated the close tab commands to only apply to the relevant tab group. We also added a Close Tabs to the Left command.

Close Tab menu, displaying Close Tab, Close Tab to the Left, Close Tab to the Right, Close Other Tabs, and Close All Tabs

Responsive Layout for Submissions

We've made the Submissions pane accommodate split screen layouts and narrow screen sizes. Submissions History window in a narrower screen with split screenNew Submission window in a narrower screen

7.13.0 Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-4638] Fix close tabs to right command
  • [VIDE-4640] Fix for tabs opening in wrong group when opening from empty tab pane
  • [VIDE-4447] Fix time zone drop-down in Simulator being cut off
  • [VIDE-4618] Export Story button shows briefly after clicking Save in the Simulator
  • [VIDE-4677] Fix saving an empty Story

7.12.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Welcome to v7.12.0, the 20C release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces split screens for the editor, search and replace for all files in a capsule, and several bug fixes.

Split Editor Screens

We've introduced a way to view and edit the content of more than one file at a time. Now, in addition to the traditional single editor layout, you can choose from layouts that include 2 columns, 2 rows, or a grid of 4 editor areas. Move file tabs from one editor area to another by dragging the file tab into the destination area. Or you can click on an empty editor area before opening a file to have it opened there.

Layout Menu expanded to show the options: Single, Rows:2, Columns:2, and Grid:4Editor in Rows layout, with two editing areas on top of each otherEditor in Columns layout, with two editing areas next to each otherEditor in Grid layout, with 4 editing areas in a square configuration

Search and Replace

All files in a capsule can now be searched to find and replace text. This should help with finding keywords or console.log statements.

7.12.0 Bug Fixes

  • Editor
    • [VIDE-4625] Editor auto-suggestions are sometimes for the wrong capsule
  • Simulator
    • [VIDE-3117] Browser zoom increasing margins around simulator webview
    • [VIDE-4211] Simulator audio player stopping for infinite length MP3s
    • [VIDE-4587] Simulator does not list capsule permissions for revision overrides
  • Submissions
    • [VIDE-4563] Should not be able select a capsule while validating capsules
  • Debug Console
    • [VIDE-4496] Stop displaying execution duration as "NaN" ms

7.11.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Welcome to v7.11.0, the 20B release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces a new tab for Release Notes in the editor, improvements to Simulator and Stories, and several bug fixes.

Release Notes Tab

We've introduced a Release Notes tab in the editor. The links to the release notes can be found in the Welcome tab.

Welcome tab, with arrows pointing to the release version and to the release notes link

Release notes tab

The release notes tab will automatically open when you start Bixby Developer Studio with a new version, unless it is a fresh install.

Simulator and Stories Updates

The Simulator now tracks deleted steps.

Until now, you could not use the Export Story button in the Simulator to export deleted steps. As a result, you couldn't create stories that involve transactions. Now you can export stories, and every step is included in the story, even those that are deleted during the process.

Example for Deleted Steps

Here's what the new export story flow looks like when you use the shirt sample capsule to select a shirt, select a size, and buy the shirt:

Step 1, showing a list view of the shirt sample capsule with an arrow pointing to the first shirt card in the Simulator saying "click on this"Step 2, showing the detailed view of the shirt, with an arrow pointing to the Size cell saying "click on this"Step 3, showing an input view for sizes, with an arrow pointing to the Large option and saying "choosing a different shirt size will result in a deleted step after we select this (see next screenshot)"Step 4, showing the Simulator again. One arrow points to the ←2 button, saying "back button counts only the visible steps, so this matches the number of steps you see in the right sidebar." Another arrow points to the Yes button at the bottom of the device screen, saying "clicking on this next". A final arrow points to the "Deleted steps are hidden, but we are still part of the story." message at the bottom right corner of the simulator window. The arrow reads "size is changed, and there are fewer steps visible in the sidebar (deleted ones are hidden). There's a note that deleted steps are hidden"Step 5, showing the Simulator in a Result View with an item ordered. An arrow points to the story section, saying "a committed transaction has deleted all the steps that went before, and the deleted steps are hidden. (you could not successfully back into them anyway, the platform completely forgets the reference ids for deleted steps and gives an error if you try to refer to them now." Another arrow points to the Export Story button, saying "exporting the story next")Step 6, showing the Export Story pop-up. Save as is set to `buy-a-shirt` and File location set to `resources/bixby-mobil-en-US`.Step 7, showing the Stories tab after pressing the Save button in the Export Story pop-up. A text box next to the steps reads "all steps that are required to complete the transaction are placed in the story, even the deleted ones, ad they run again successfully here". An arrow points to the + button at the end of the story, saying "clicking here next, to go back to the simulator and add more steps to this story".Step 8, showing the Simulator again at the last step in the story. An arrow points to the "Deleted steps are hidden, but are still part of the story" message at the bottom left corner of the window, and reads "successfully replayed all the steps again, and in story mode the simulator is ready to add more steps to this story. note that the presences of deleted steps is indicated".

7.11.0 Enhancements

Keyboard Shortcuts

We've updated the keyboard shortcuts to toggle the sidebar and the panel.

Toggle Sidebar and Panel for WindowsToggle Sidebar and Panel for Mac OS

File Renaming Improved

Renaming a file now targets the filename instead of the filename and the extension:

Image Preview Tab Now Shows Metadata

The Image Preview Tab Pane now shows additional file metadata:

Image Preview tab with an arrow pointing to the Metadata at the bottom right corner of the screen reading File Size and Dimensions of image.

Expandable Directories in Explorer

Special directories (Stories and Training) are now expandable in the Explorer:

Focused vs. Unfocused Window States

Focused Window, with the fie name in the sidebar and the tab name highlighted blueUnfocused Window, with the file name in the sidebar and the tab name greyed out

7.11.0 Bug Fixes

  • General
    • [VIDE-4601] Fix editor losing changes in Auto Save mode (Windows only)
    • [VIDE-4127] Fix incorrect app menu showing when switching apps windows (macOS only)
    • [VIDE-4553] Fix unsaved files contents not persisting after restarting IDE
    • [VIDE-4483] In an Image Preview tab pane, fix incorrect image ratio when resizing IDE window
    • [VIDE-4423] Fix auto indent for bxb files
    • [VIDE-4506] Fix different case highlighting bug
    • [VIDE-4525] Fix Template buttons being pushed off the screen
  • Training
    • [VIDE-4507] Cannot add training folder when capsule target did not have a region
  • Stories
    • [VIDE-3907] Story step HTTP cache info does not show up until you re-open tab
    • [VIDE-4425] Editing assertions.yaml file does not always update Story
  • Submissions
    • [VIDE-4521] Fix scroll missing on submission logs [VIDE-4563] Before a capsule is finished compiling, it can be selected for submission even if it has errors (#2242)
  • Debug Console
    • [VIDE-4582] Fix missing debug console tabs (#2244)