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optionalmultiple allowed

Creates a single-line list of images of type or subtype of BaseImage. If there are more images than the screen can fit, the user can horizontally scroll through the list.

There are some differences if the image-list is in a compound-card or standalone in a section.

  • If used in a compound card, then when there are more than the number of default images shown, there is an overlay on the last image with +N images. The number of default images and how they display differ by device. The image itself cannot be tappable, only the wrapping compound-card can be.
  • If used in a section, then when there are more than the default 9 images, the show-more-text will render at the end of the image list over the last image. The default text differs by device, but you can customize this text with the show-more-text key.

Interactive Demo

Child Keys

Determines the background color of an image
Set of images to be used in the component
Determines how an image fits within a Bixby Views component
Text to display if there are more than the default number of items rendered


result-view {
match: Hotel (hotel) {
from-output: ShowHotelImageList

message {
template ("Here is a hotel as an image list:")

render {
layout {
section {
content {
image-list {
images (hotel.images)
conversation-drivers {
conversation-driver ("Show an image carousel")

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You can run the sample capsule in the Simulator to see how this component displays on different devices, if supported.

Design Considerations

This component is applicable to these moments:

You can find design specifications for this component in the Components Spec download under Design Resources.