Bixby Developer Center


21L Bixby Developer Center Release Notes

Updated: August 23, 2021

Improved Documentation Search

With this release, we've updated the documentation search to give you better results faster! While the search bar has stayed in the same place, the results page has a cleaner look and feel.

Search bar location in upper right corner, next to the Support button

Results are grouped by type: either Guides & Documentation (such as Design Guides, Developers' Guides, and reference documentation), Learning Resources (such as sample capsules), or Announcements (such as release notes or deprecations). Reference keys that match your search are grouped separately under the Reference Keys section on the left.

Search results page, showing

Additionally, we've added filters so you can narrow down your search!

Search filters organized by Guides & Documentation (Developer Guides, Design Guides, and Reference), Learning Resources (Sample Capsules), and Announcements (Release Notes and Deprecations).