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Bixby Developer Center


Preparing for Release

Submission Checklist

If you are planning to do a public submission of your capsule, there are some additional prerequisite steps that need to be taken. Follow these steps before you submit your capsule.

Update Your capsule.bxb File

There are additional items for your capsule.bxb file that need to be prepared for a public submission.

Increase Your Capsule Version

Ensure that each public submission version in your capsule.bxb is unique and uses this format:


The capsule version must be a string with three numeric parts: "X.Y.Z". Each part must be an integer with no leading zeroes.

Bixby Developer Studio checks the version at submission time. If your capsule's version number already exists, the submission will fail with a Capsule Version Check Failed error:

Capsule Version Check Failed

Provide Marketplace Constraints

Aside from specifying targets, you can use marketplace constraints to further customize where your capsule is available when the Marketplace is available in specific countries.

By default, a capsule supports all markets. This optional step allows you to either allow or disallow specific countries (in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format) and device models (such as SM-G965N).

A market is characterized by a country and a device model. For example, SM-N960U:VZW is the code for a Galaxy Note 9 variant available through Verizon in the United States.

Your capsule can use store-country-constraints and device-model-constraints to control which countries and device models, respectively, are supported. You can specify constraints using either allowed-lists or blocked-lists. Values within an allowed-list are supported, and any values not explicitly listed are unsupported. The opposite is true for blocked-list, where any values listed are unsupported, while values not listed are supported.


There is no direct relationship between marketplace-constraints and targets. With marketplace-constraints, you specify which users have access to use your capsule. However, with targets, you specify the device type and language that is supported. If a capsule has target (bixby-mobile-it-IT), for example, that means that users can talk to the capsule in Italian while on a mobile device. But marketplace-constraints determine whether a user in Italy can actually use that capsule.

Within your capsule's capsule.bxb file, you can specify either an allow-list or a block-list, and you can use valid regular expressions:

capsule {
id (...)
version (...)
targets {
target (...)
target (...)

marketplace-constraints {
country-constraints {
// either
allowed-list {
allow (US)
allow (CA)

// or
blocked-list {
block (AU)
block (UK)

device-model-constraints {
// either
allowed-list {
allow (SM-G965N) // S9+ Korean version
allow (SM-G960[A-Z]?) // any variant of S9

// or
blocked-list {

For details on specific keys, see the related reference documentation on marketplace-constraints keys.

Create Your capsule-info.bxb File

You must prepare a capsule-info.bxb that provides information about your capsule, including the capsule name, website, and related branding images.


You must have a capsule-info.bxb that is specific to each locale that your capsule supports. Place the file in the locale-specific /resources/ folder. Example:

/resources/en or /resources/en-US

Here's an example of a capsule-info.bxb file:

description {
displayName (Example)
companyName (Example, Inc.)
iconUrl (/images/icons/example.png)
description (Example allows you to see examples of things.)
websiteUrl (https://www.example.com)
termsUrl (https://www.example.com/TOS.html)
privacy-policy-url (https://www.example.com/privacy.html)
keywords (Example)
dispatch-name (Example)
dispatch-aliases {
alias (Example Site)
actionBgColor (#BF2519)
actionFgColor (#FFFFFF)

Make sure you have values for the following keys:

The following keys are recommended, but not required:

Provide Hints for Bixby

Hints are used by Bixby to provide users with suggested queries. You can add suggestions within your capsule by creating a hints.bxb file within your resources folder:


Here is an example hints file:

hints {
uncategorized {
utterance (burn some toast)
utterance (fire up my space shuttle)

Your training and action implementations need to be able to handle these hints well.

Test Your Capsules Thoroughly

Make sure you test your capsule with respect to the following:

  1. Device: You can test your capsule with the simulator, but we also recommend you do extensive on device testing too.

  2. Language: In addition to ensuring that your localized content is correct, you should check the following, for each language, in your capsule-info.bxb file:

Follow Capsule Policies

Ensure your capsule does not violate any of the capsule agreement policies. If your capsule is in violation, it will not be approved.

Capsule Agreement Policies

By submitting a capsule for the Marketplace, you agree to not violate any of the capsule agreement policies, including but not limited to the following:

  • Content is appropriate throughout the capsule. For example, you do not have an inappropriate capsule name, do not use bad language, do not promote violence, etc.
  • There are no embedded displayed ads in your capsule.
  • No accessing user-sensitive information without the user granting permissions.
  • You have a valid privacy policy linked in your capsule-info.bxb file, if applicable.
  • You have a valid terms and conditions linked in your capsule-info.bxb file, if applicable.
  • Your capsule name is valid. For example, if you do not belong to the Samsung organization, you cannot create a capsule called myTeam.SamsungCapsule.
  • Your capsule is not providing a health or emergency services that should be handled by professionals.
  • You are not collecting payment through invalid methods. Contact us via support if you want to enable payments in your capsule. Currently, the US only accepts payments with SPS and South Korea only accepts payments through Samsung Pay using gateways.
  • Content is not offensive to any religious, political, ethical, ethnic, or cultural group.
  • You do not violate any copyright or trademark laws and/or you do not make any misleading claims.
  • Content is not harmful to users. This can include, but is not limited to illegal drug use, piracy, gambling, defamation, slander, etc.
  • Your dispatch-name and dispatch-aliases should match the requirements and restrictions listed on the dispatch-name reference page.

The list of agreement policies is subject to change. If you are in violation of this agreement, the approval team will issue you an error report.