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optionalvalue required

The primary name for when users interact with your capsule using named dispatch. Your capsule's dispatch name must be unique and well tested.

If a user calls your capsule with named dispatch without further instruction (like "Run Movie Quiz"), you can define a default-action to run.

If Bixby's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) does not understand your dispatch name, then your capsule's review for Marketplace might experience delays. If there is a dispatch name you really want and are having issues, you can report the ASR problem.

If your dispatch name is complex, the capsule review time might take significantly longer to approve your capsule. The capsule reviewer will let you know and confirm your choice of continuing to stay with the complex dispatch name or allow you a chance to change the dispatch name to a simple, more easily recognizable name. We highly encourage you to choose a simple word in the targeted language for dispatch names.

Complex dispatch names include the following:

  • Homonyms. For example, "Noughts and Crosses" can be confused with "Knots and Crosses".
  • Brand Names that are variations on common words in that language. For example, "Swyft".
  • Brand names that are not in that capsule's language. For example, using "ChooMantar" as a dispatch name for an English capsule.

The dispatch-name and dispatch-aliases you choose should be representative of your capsule's functionality. The name and aliases must respect applicable intellectual property laws. For example, do not name your capsule "Samsung Capsule". Do not use the alias "maps" if your capsule has nothing to do with displaying or interpreting maps. For more information, see the Restrictions and Requirements section.

You must define this key to be approved for the Marketplace. For more information, see the Deploying Capsules Developers' Guide.


You should not use your dispatch-name in training examples.


// resources/en/capsule-info.bxb
capsule-info {
dispatch-name (ACME Maps)

Restrictions and Requirements

A capsule dispatch-name and its aliases must meet the following requirements and will be checked by the review committee for the Marketplace:

  1. All capsules must have a unique invocation name that will allow users to trigger the capsule’s functionality. Dispatch names are unique within each language, so once a name is approved, no other capsule can register the same name in the same language.
  2. The dispatch name must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of an entity or person.
  3. One-word invocation names are not allowed, unless one of the following reasons:
  • The invocation name is unique to your brand/intellectual property (for example, "Uber"), or
  • The invocation name is a compound of two or more words. In this case, the word must form an actual word in the capsule’s language to ensure that Bixby can recognize it (for example, "tic-tac-toe").
  1. Dispatch names which are names of people or places are not allowed, unless they contain other words in addition to the name.
  2. Two-word invocation names are not allowed if one of the words is a definite article ("the"), indefinite article ("a", "an") or preposition ("for", "to", "of").
  3. The invocation name must not contain any of Bixby’s named dispatch launch phrases and connecting words.
  4. The invocation name must not contain the wake words "Hi Bixby", "Samsung" or the words "capsule" or "app".
  5. The invocation name must not create confusion with existing Bixby features. If your capsule invocations overlap with common Bixby commands, users might get confused by Bixby’s response and not enable your capsule. For more information on common Bixby commands, see the Reserved Utterances reference.
  6. The invocation name must be written in each language you choose to support.
  7. Dispatch names should not be too generic, for example "games" or "maps".
  8. Name dispatch aliases can be added to address minor variations of your dispatch name. Dispatch aliases should not be used to address most ASR issues or to replace words in the dispatch name with synonyms. If adding a dispatch alias, it can only be for one of the following reasons:
    • Adding a singular or pluralization of dispatch name words. For example, the dispatch name "ACME Bank" might have "ACME Banks" as an alias.
    • Accounting for brand names that are concatenations. For example, the dispatch name "DayBreaK" might have "Day Break" as an alias.
    • Adding brand names. For example, the dispatch name "Bread Making" with the company name "ACME" might have "ACME Bread Making" as an alias.
    • Removing "the" in your dispatch name if "the" is part of your brand name. For example, the dispatch name "The Daily Journal" might have "Daily Journal" as an alias.

How Named Dispatch Works

When Bixby is processing an utterance, it uses the dispatch pattern to identify which capsule to use, then passes the rest of the user's phrase to the capsule for interpretation. The capsule is not sent the dispatch pattern.

For example, consider if the had the following code block in its capsule-info.bxb file:

dispatch-name (ACME bank)
dispatch-aliases {
alias (ACME banks)

If you ask Bixby "Ask ACME bank to transfer $10 to my checking account from my savings", then the following happens:

  1. Bixby recognizes "Ask ACME Bank to..." as a dispatch pattern.
  2. The capsule is identified by its dispatch name, "ACME Bank".
  3. The capsule receives the utterance "transfer $10 to my checking account from my savings".

For a list of named dispatch patterns, see the section for your locale in Reserved Utterances.

Report Speech to Text Issues with Named Dispatch

Avoid using dispatch names and dispatch aliases that Bixby's ASR won't recognize. If you do on-device testing and find that ASR does not recognize your needed dispatch name (for example, you have your brand name in your dispatch name that isn't being recognized), then you can file a support ticket.

Submit a ticket in Bixby Developer Support under Contact Bixby Developer Support with the following fields:

  • I need assistance with: Product Functionality
  • Product Area: Speech to Text
  • Priority: High
  • Subject: Speech to text failed on Dispatch Name for %your capsuleID% (For example, "Speech to text failed on Dispatch Name for myteam.mycapsule")

Report ASR Issue Ticket

Add any additional details to it in the description box, such as which utterances failed or if dispatch alias variants need to be supported.