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6811 (Import Macro Requires Qualification)

Macros from imported libraries now must be qualified. For example, consider if viv.libraryCapsule has the template macro template-macro-def (Select). If you were to import viv.libraryCapsule and use the Select macro (as in macro (Select) ), this now results in a deprecation warning. As a workaround, you should fully qualify the macro:

macro (viv.libraryCapsule:Select)

You can also use aliases when fully qualifying the macro. If, for example, you import viv.libraryCapsule as libCapsule, then you can instead use the alias as follows:


For more information, read about Library Capsules.

Deprecation Stages

Learn more about the deprecation stages.

  • Stage 1: R20F
  • Stage 2: R20I
  • End of Life: None