Bixby Developer Center

Getting Started

Welcome to the Bixby Developer Center!

Here you'll learn how to extend Bixby, a virtual personal assistant that enables users to get things done using natural language. Bixby loves to learn, so are you ready to teach it something new?

Follow these steps to get up and running:

Step 1. Download Bixby Developer Studio

Download the latest version of Bixby Developer Studio (Bixby Studio), which allows you to develop, test, and submit your new capabilities to Bixby for approval.

Step 2. Read the Overview

Read through the Overview of the Bixby platform before you start developing for Bixby. You'll get an overarching view of how the Bixby platform works and the features that are available to you.

Step 3. Read the Quick Start Guide

Follow the Quick Start Guide. It will help you get up and running quickly by editing and testing a simple dice game.

Step 4. Explore Other Documentation

  • Advanced Tutorial: A step-by-step tutorial for gaining experience with some of Bixby's more advanced features, including using match patterns, library capsules, and external APIs.
  • Planning Your Capsule: Describes how to create user stories in order to start designing your capsule.
  • Developers' Guides: Dive in and learn about specific aspects of the Bixby platform, such as concepts, actions, personalization, and training.
  • Bixby Capsule SDK Reference: View detailed descriptions and examples for Bixby Capsule SDK features.
  • Sample Capsules: Walk through a few examples of capsules that illustrate various Bixby platform features.