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SSML Examples

This sample capsule demonstrates ways to use Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) in your capsule. SSML is a standard for enriching text-to-speech. It can be used to change the rate, pitch, and volume of Bixby's speech; specify the language used in a spoken phrase; refine pronunciation; and even embed audio clips within spoken dialog.

Download Capsule

After you compile the NL model, open the Device Simulator, and enter (or say) the query "Start".

This action will bring up several SSML examples. Click on an example to have it played for you. The SSML is displayed on the device's screen as well.

The SSML-enhanced dialogue strings used in the examples are stored as JSON in the code/GetSSMLExamples.js file.

Video Tutorial: Getting Started With SSML

The following video shows how to get started with SSML with this sample capsule.