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2019 April - June

6.8 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: April 9, 2019

Simulator Updates

Updated Simulator Dialog Font

We've updated the font for dialog on the Simulator to now match how it looks on devices:


Dialog Message Old


Dialog Message New

Non-Temporary Dialog Events Now Accumulate

If your capsule presents to users a non-temporary dialog message, those messages now accumulate, even when there is a temporary message that appears.

For example, take the following sequences of messages:

  1. Non-temporary dialog message: "This tour is unavailable. Please choose a different one."
  2. Temporary: "Looking for tours..."
  3. Non-temporary: "Which one?"

This sequences of messages now appears like this:

Temporary Message

Simulator Now Shows Services Used

The Simulator understanding page now shows you the services that were used as part of the query:

Services card

Stories Updates

Support for Permissions

If your capsule requires special permissions, Stories will now prompt for them:

Permission in Stories

Permission in Stories