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Top-level declaration of hints. Hints are used by Bixby to provide users with suggested queries. Hints consist of a named dispatch phrase and a suggested utterance. All hints must have a dispatch phrase associated with it in order to ensure that it goes to the correct capsule. You can add a preferred-hint to an existing hint, for instances when named dispatch aren't needed. You should add a preferred-hint if your hint would not make sense grammatically without the dispatch phrase. In the cases where the dispatch phrase is dropped, the first letter of the utterance is capitalized. For example, "Ask ACME Media Player to play my summer playlist" becomes "Play my summer playlist".

If there are any hints you need to add that are not related to a specific category, you can place them in uncategorized.

You must provide at least three working hints when submitting to the Marketplace. For more information, see Provide Hints for Bixby.

You must define this top-level key and its child keys in a *.hints.bxb or hints.bxb file. This file must be in the appropriate locale-specific resources folder.


hints {
uncategorized {
hint ("Ask ACME Smart Helper to find my keys") {
preferred-hint ("Find my keys")
hint ("Ask ACME Smart Helper to start the car")
hint ("In ACME Smart Helper, turn on the lights") {
preferred-hint ("Turn on the lights)

Child Keys

Defines a set of hints for a particular capsule category
Defines a set of hints that don't correspond to any capsule category