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2020 October - December

8.6.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Welcome to v8.6.0, the 20T release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes enhancements for the Story Assertions, Debug Console, and the Quick Select.

Story Assertion Improvements

We've introduced an improvement to the Story Assertions. You can add an assertion template called "Default Tests" to any step of a story to test it automatically.

Default Tests assertion template

When one or more assertions fail, you can click a button from the error view to update expected values in assertions that support it (such as those made with the new "Default Tests" template).

Toggle update expected values

The "Update Expected Values" dialog allows you to preview and accept the suggested changes for your assertion failures, making the assertions pass on the next run.

Update assertion files diff view

Export Story in the Simulator now supports adding the "Default Tests" assertion to every step in your story, at the time it is created.

Export Story checkbox for assertions

After your exported story runs the first time, a dialog window will appear to confirm the addition of the Default Test assertion file to every step.

Add assertion to all steps

You can also request the addition of an assertion file to every step in a story at a later time, for any story and template, from the context menu in the navigation bar.

Story context menu

Debug Console Improvements

We've added the ability to step through and view the minor version changes in the execution graph.

Show minor steps

Quick Select Improvements

We've updated the Quick Select dialog to keep the most recently searched text, and improved the navigation of the commands.

Quick select

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5230] Fix autocomplete ordering for Training V2 Editor especially when annotating concepts from library capsules
  • [VIDE-5107] Display preview updates for more than one fix
  • [VIDE-5144][VIDE-5149] Disable save button for invalid utterance in training and present an unsaved changes prompt
  • [VIDE-5182] Prevent possible cause of corruption where an empty file uri gets added to the unsaved files
  • [VIDE-5210] Display an underline for a file with warning deprecations in the File Explorer