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2022 April–June

22E Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: June 8, 2022

More Reserved Meta-Commands

Several variations of "repeat please" were added to the English Reserved Utterances list.

22D Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: May 6, 2022

HTTP Parameter Types Relaxed

The JavaScript http API can now take any type for the params request parameter. When the Content-Type of the request is JSON, the request body will be sent as JSON; for other content types, the body will be a URL-encoded string.

22C Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: April 12, 2022

New JavaScript Runtime Version 2

We are introducing a new JavaScript Runtime Version 2 to all developers! JavaScript Runtime Version 2 is built on Google V8, the engine that powers Node.js. This offers compatibility with more modern JavaScript through the ES 2020 (11th Edition) specification, and provides a faster, more secure foundation for your capsule's execution.

We encourage all newly created capsules to be on JavaScript Runtime Version 2. Additionally, while JavaScript Runtime Version 1 is still available, we encourage you to start migrating your capsule code, which you can do with the help of Bixby Developer Studio's (Bixby Studio) Quick Fix feature. For information on how to update these capsules, see Migrating to JavaScript Runtime Version 2.

To use the new JavaScript Runtime Version 2, you must update to the latest version of Bixby Studio (8.15.1 or later) and you need to set the js-runtime-version key in your capsule.bxb file:

capsule {
runtime-version (7) {
js-runtime-version (2)

Updated EOL for Deprecation 6785

Deprecation 6785 ($vivContext.userId) has an updated EOL to R22C.