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capsule {
capsule-categories {
category (Videos)


The Videos NL category can allow users to search for short video clips to play that use common supported media formats.


We recommend training some utterances that include the media type explicitly in the utterance, to help ensure the right capsule is chosen for the user.

For example, for Videos, you might want to train "Watch a video" or "Watch soccer videos".

en-US Examples

The following table gives example use cases, example utterances, and requirement levels for the en-US locale:

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Watch videos"Watch a video"Required
Watch videos based on keyword(s)"Watch cat videos"Optional
Watch videos based on creator"Watch videos from Dude Perfect"Optional
Watch videos based on length"Find a video that is less than 1 minute showing how to tie a bowtie"Optional
Watch videos based on view count"Find the most viewed video of people eating hot spicy wings"Optional
Watch videos based on popularity, Likes, and Dislikes"Watch the most disliked karaoke video"Optional
Watch videos based on category or a theme"Watch funny blooper videos"Optional