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Bixby Developer Center


2019 April - June


Internal platform changes that are not visible to capsule developers will be communicated via internal status updates.

19F Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: April 11, 2019

Bixby View Enhancements

VIV-25970, VIV-26254

Within Bixby Views, you can now have for-each loops within a single-line.

Additionally, you can add a shape to an image in single-line.

Promote Capsule Admins in Developer Center

You now have the ability to promote (or demote) capsule admins within the Developer Center.

Add Capsule Admin

Learn more on how to Add Capsule Admins and the things you can do as a capsule admin.

Release Manager


We've introduced the Release Manager, which allows you to submit a capsule for release by the Bixby team.

Release Manager

Before submitting capsules for review, ensure you have completed the Submission Checklist.

Capsule Registration Now Mandatory


All developers, both internal and external, are now required to register capsules in the Developer Center.