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Adds system-provided "next" and "previous" conversation drivers to a list navigation. This key is automatically enabled if you are using runtime version 5 or later, or if you specify the auto-insert-navigation-conversation-drivers runtime flag.

When this key is present, the following happens:

  • All pages but the first page and the underflow page will have a "Previous" conversation driver added.
  • All pages but the last page and the overflow page will have a "Next" conversation driver added.

The conversation drivers respect localization based on the location of the view file within the resource directory. That is, if the view is located within an en resource directory, the system-provided conversation drivers will be in English.

For more details, read the Conversation Drivers section of the Guiding Conversations Developers' Guide.


result-view {
match: MyStruct (this) {
from-output: ReadOneAction

render {
list-of (this) {
navigation-mode {
read-one {
page-content {
underflow-statement (This is the first candidate)
item-selection-question (Do you want this one?)
overflow-statement (That's all I have)
overflow-question (What would you want to do?)

where-each (item) {
spoken-summary ("#{value(item)}")
layout-match (item) {
mode (Summary)