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optionalvalue required

Icon that represents the provider or capsule. The Marketplace displays this icon with your capsule. You must use an image in the assets/images folder and point to its location in that folder (for example, /images/icons/gratuity.png).

Your image must follow these guidelines:

  • Image is in PNG or JPG format.
  • Image has minimum dimensions of 144px by 144px.
  • Image cannot have a transparent background.

You must define this key to be approved for the Marketplace. For more information, see the Deploying Your Capsule Developers' Guide.


// resources/en/capsule-info.bxb
capsule-info {
icon-asset (/images/icons/gratuity.png)
// Word Sensei capsule-info.bxb file
capsule-info {
icon-asset (/images/icons/icon.png)

Here's the icon-asset on the Word Sensei capsule's Details page.

Icon Asset as seen on Details page