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optionalvalue required

Creates a gallery view of images of type or subtype of BaseImage that were returned from the results. If a user selects an image, the image opens in lightbox mode.

Image Parameters

For each image that is used in this component, if any of the following fields are filled in, they are passed and rendered over the image, though none are required:

titleTextPrimary text displayed
subTitleTextSecondary text displayed
captionTextBody text displayed

For more information on images, see the viv.core library capsule documentation.


result-view {
match: Hotel (hotel) {
from-output: ShowHotelImageListOf

message {
template ("Here is a hotel using image-list-of:")

render {
if (size(hotel) == 1) {
image-list-of (hotel.images) {
size (Medium)
title ("Hotel")

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You can run the sample capsule in the Simulator to see how this component displays on different devices, if supported.


The following action model returns a number of images:

// FindImages.model.bxb
action (FindImages) {
type (Search)
output (Image)

You would return the results using the following results-view file:

// FindImages.view.bxb
result-view {
match: Image (this)

message { template ("Here are some cool images...") }

render {
image-list-of (this) {
size (Small)
title { template ("test images...") }

Child Keys

Determines how many columns of images are displayed on screen
Title of image