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2023 July-September

23G Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: September 6, 2023

Enhanced List Navigation

As part of the ongoing changes for Voice UX, we've added a new runtime flag enhanced-list-navigation, which changes how items are read when using voice to navigate a list. Items in lists while using navigation modes are no longer paginated when this flag is enabled.

capsule {
runtime-version (8) {
overrides {

When enhanced-list-navigation is enabled, the default page-size will change depending on the target device. If the device is being used in hands-on mode, the navigation-mode block will not be evaluated. Additionally, the list-summary block will only be used when the device is in hands-free mode. End-users can choose an item with ordinals relative to the whole list, not just the list displayed. When using hands-free mode, ordinals are relative to the currently highlighted items for bixby-watch devices; otherwise, ordinals are relative to the whole list.

You can also use the show-ordinals-on-list key to decide if ordinals (1., 2., etc.) are shown in front of list items when enhanced list navigation is enabled. This can be set at a capsule level or at a View level. For more information, see the show-ordinals-on-list reference page.

You can use the getPreviousFocus Expression Language (EL) function to return only the previously focused items within a list. The getPreviousFocus EL function is not dependent on if show-ordinals-on-list is enabled. This is in contrast to the getPreviousPage EL function, which returns the full list of results when show-ordinals-on-list is enabled.

Performance Improvements

We've improved the performance of making calls that involve config & secrets.

Changes to Permission Restrictions

Third-party capsules should no longer use the library capsule to call the findContact(keyword). Instead, use viv.location with Autosuggest and Autocomplete to get contact information. For more information, see the note in the Usage section of the viv.location reference.

Additionally, we've introduced a way for you to restrict which capsules can access specific actions through your endpoints. You can limit access to the action by allowing a capsule organization or a specific capsule.

action-endpoint (GetContactPermission) { // wrapped by FindContact
accepted-inputs ()
local-endpoint (GetContactPermission.js)
required-permissions {
permission (contacts) {
restricted {
org (viv)
org (samsung)
org (bixby)

If a capsule developer tries to import and use that restricted action, they will get an error.

23F Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: July 26, 2023

There are no new features for external developers in this release.