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optionalvalue required

Determines how many items per page are read in navigation-mode, if Bixby is reading multiple items at a time.


read-many {
page-size (4)
page-content (page) {

Bixby's behavior will change when it determines that the last highlight group will have only a single item on it and the defined page-size is larger than 1. In this case, the single item will be added to the next-to-last group, rather than presenting the user with a final one-item group. Because of this behavior, your dialog should not mention a hard-coded page-size value, as Bixby will modify it under this specific circumstance. Instead, use the Expression Language pagination functions in responses.

The default page-size is 3. If enhanced list navigation is enabled, the default page size will change on certain devices; see that flag's documentation for specific details.