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Design Resources

This page contains additional resources for you to use while designing your capsule.

You can download the appropriate Sketch file for different devices below. The Sketch application is only available for MacOS. To properly see the device Sketch file, you must have the library also installed. Once downloaded, the Sketch file automatically updates when there are changes, as long as your library is listed in the "Third Party Libraries" section of the Libraries preferences in Sketch and not in your "Local Libraries".

You can check if the device library was properly installed with the Sketch > Preferences > Libraries menu command. Ensure the libraries are installed and enabled.


If you set the Bixby Views Sketch Libraries to Local, it will not be updated automatically. Make sure it is correctly set in your Preferences.


If you don't have the newest Bixby Views Sketch libraries installed with support for Android display themes, download them in the following table.

MobileBixby Views Mobile Sketch Library
Bixby Views mobile component library for Sketch.
WatchBixby Views Watch Sketch Library
Bixby Views watch component library for Sketch.

The Mobile Sketch Library has a major visual design refresh that includes support for Android display themes, including the light and dark theme. When you replace the deprecated Bixby Views Mobile Sketch Library, your current and past Sketch design files will not appear correctly because this visual refresh includes many new components, and older components have been renamed. Your capsule will need to adhere to this library in order to be supported for implementation.

Deprecated Libraries

This version of the Bixby Views Library for Mobile is deprecated, and will no longer be updated or supported. If your Sketch files are currently linked to this file, it will not break any existing designs using it. However, you need to migrate to the updated Bixby Views Mobile Sketch Library in the Downloads table for future updates and capsule designs. You can still access the Bixby Views Deprecated Mobile Sketch Library.