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optionalvalue required

Defines the layout-macro.


You cannot have a macro with the same ID if the macro is defined in the same resource folder. For example, if you have a macro with the ID "this-test-macro" in the bixby-mobile-en-US target, you cannot have another different macro with the same name in that target.

However, if the macro's target is in a higher level resource folder, the more specific target will override the more general target. For example, say you have a macro in bixby-mobile-en and another macro in bixby-mobile-en-US, both with the ID "this-test-macro". The macro in the bixby-mobile-en-US target will render for the bixby-mobile-en-US target, but the bixby-mobile-en macro will render for the bixby-mobile-en-GB target.

Macros with the same ID but in different targets (for example, bixby-mobile-ko-KR and bixby-mobile-en-US) are allowed and are encouraged when localizing.

Child Keys

Layout container that holds informational content
List of parameters to be defined in the layout-macro-def