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Deployment Checklist

This section lists the tasks you should do before your capsule can become available on the Marketplace in a series of tables in various sections. Click on a step for more information. You can find additional tips and tricks on our Bixby Developers YouTube playlist.

Required Steps

These steps are required and must be completed before your capsule can be approved for the Marketplace.

Update Your capsule.bxb File

Update your capsule.bxb file. All capsules require a capsule.bxb file in your capsule's root directory. Make sure your capsule.bxb file contains all the required information for the submission and approval process as listed in the table below:

Increase your capsule versionYou need to submit a version of your capsule that is higher than the last submitted version.
Provide store countriesThis chooses in which store countries your capsule is available.
Choose a store sectionThis places your capsule in a specific section of the Marketplace store front. We recommend one most relevant store section, though you can add a second one, if justified.

Update or Create a capsule-info.bxb File

Update/Create a capsule-info.bxb file. This file contains all the meta data that the Marketplace uses for your capsule. You need to define these keys listed in the table below within your capsule-info.bxb files:

descriptionDescribes your capsule to users. Must be relevant to your capsule.
display-nameDisplays the name of your capsule.
dispatch-nameEnables your capsule to be called using named dispatch. Here are the main requirements for your dispatch-name. Additional requirements for named dispatch are listed on the reference page. Your dispatch-name:
- Must be identical/nearly identical to the Display Name.
- Must be at least 2 words. Words like "The" do not count.
- Can't be too generic. "Fun Game" would be too generic.
- Must work with ASR. You can test this in the Simulator.
- Must be unique. Check the Marketplace for whether your dispatch-name has been taken. If you are unable to check the Marketplace, choose a somewhat unique dispatch-name.
- Should avoid homophones.
icon-assetDisplays the icon image with your capsule in the Marketplace. This must be a PNG or JPEG image with a minimum of 144px by 144px dimensions.
developer-nameDisplays the developer name to users.
search-keywordsMakes your capsule more searchable in the Marketplace.

Provide Hints for Your Capsule

Provide hints for your capsule in a hints.bxb file. These hints help users get familiar with your capsule. Here is a summary of the requirements for your hints:

  • Provide at least 3 uncategorized visible hints.

  • The entire hint must work with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

  • All hints must return reasonable results.

  • Hints cannot contain spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Hint variations (such as a preferred-hint or hints under a for-category) must work.

  • Hints need some error handling if errors appear. For example, add a No Result Dialog.

Provide Legal Agreements

Provide legal agreements for each country your capsule is available in. The privacy-policy key is required if you are asking to grant permissions to your capsule. The terms-and-conditions key is required for all target languages you're supporting.

Make sure that all the links in your legal file are valid URLs, or your capsule will be rejected.

Test Your Capsules

Test your capsules thoroughly. Testing is important in ensuring your capsule is ready for end-users.

Follow Capsule Policies

Check that your capsule follows all capsule policies.

Create A Public Submission

In Bixby Developer Studio, create a public submission. The public submission you create in this step will be the one submitted for review.

Submit Capsule for Review

Once you've completed all the previous steps, you're ready to submit your capsule! On the Bixby Developer Center, using the Release Manager, submit your capsule for review. Submit the capsule for which you previously made a public submission. The review team will let you know if your capsule is approved or if it needs further improvements.

Recommended Optional Steps

The following steps are not required for an approval to the Marketplace, but are recommended steps:

  • Provide device model constraints. This allows you to limit which device models your capsule is enabled for. You should only need this step if you have strict requirements for your capsule.

  • Add the following keys to your capsule-info.bxb file. See Metadata Rejection Reasons for common issues with these keys.

    • dispatch-aliases - Additional requirements for named dispatch aliases are listed on the reference page and the dispatch-name reference page.

    • website-url - Points to your website.

  • Provide store countries. This chooses in which store countries your capsule is available.

  • Categorize your capsules. This allows your users to invoke your capsule without named dispatch if they choose your capsule as a default.

Common Rejection Reasons

This section lists some considerations that the capsule review team looks into for your capsule. If your capsule does not follow any of these considerations, it might be rejected.

Metadata Rejection Reasons

If you specify these optional keys in your capsule-info.bxb file, make sure it follows these guidelines in the table below, or your capsule will be rejected.

website-urlMust be relevant to the capsule or to you as a developer, and it must be a valid link. For example, is not relevant to your capsule.
dispatch-aliasesDo not use if you are unsure. See the dispatch-aliases reference page for more information.

UI/UX Considerations

Your capsule is reviewed for user interface and user experience. If your capsule violates any of the following guidelines, your capsule might be rejected. For more information, see Design Guides.

Dialog Considerations

Your dialog is reviewed for user friendliness. For more information, see the Writing Dialog Design Guide and the Refining Dialog Developers' Guide:

  • Don't be another persona or assistant. For example, don't introduce your capsule as Siri, Angela, Jimmy, or any other assistant.

  • Don't repeat the dialog in the view. There is a dialog section and a view section, as explained in the Moments topic of the Designing Conversations Design Guide. Repeating the dialog in the view creates a redundant experience for the user.

  • Read what's in the dialog. You can have Bixby read additional dialog in the view with the speech key, but information in the dialog should be read to the user.

  • Don't use defaults like "Here's what I found". Use a custom dialog to provide a richer experience for the user.

Bixby Views Considerations

Your Bixby Views and the components within them are reviewed to ensure they follow our design guidelines. Review more information in the table below.

Punch Out of Bixby ViewsIf you need to navigate the user out of Bixby, use an attribution-link, or an on-click with an external-link-badge. Overall, it's not recommended to punch out of Bixby unless it provides additional useful utility to the user. For more information, see App Punch-Out Policies.
Result List Views, Input Views, and PromptsThese must work with voice. There are a few exceptions to certain input views.*

* Strive to ensure that your capsule can go through an entire conversation using just voice interactions (Hands-Free Mode), within reasonable limits of ASR. For example, when choosing from a list of results, ASR might not always reliably distinguish recipe names or high-end fashion brand names, but your capsule should behave correctly when saying something like "first one", "second", or "the last one". Another example of an exception is if a user is at an input view that requires an address. In this case, ASR might not reliably transcribe every single street name in the world, so it's acceptable if your capsule requires users to type their desired address.

Additional Considerations
  • Your capsule's functionality should be tightly scoped. For example, a Movie Finder capsule should not be giving dinner recipes.

  • Your capsule should not be excessively slow. Taking 8 seconds to load something would be considered excessively slow.

  • Variable names should not be exposed to the user. This can occur during errors and loading. Add Progress Dialogs to change the text that's loading and make sure you handle missing inputs correctly.

  • Don't submit a capsule identical to sample code or other capsules. If using a template, ensure the content is original.

  • If you add your capsule to an NL category, ensure it follows all the required use cases.

  • You should test your capsule for each device and each locale you list in your targets. If one of the targets listed doesn't pass the submission process, the entire capsule submission will fail.