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An utterance hint that does not need to use named dispatch. This can be used for a more natural sounding utterance where named dispatch isn't needed, such as if your capsule is the default for an NL category.

You should add a preferred-hint if your utterance doesn't make sense grammatically without it. For example, if your hint is "Ask My Local Business Finder when the post office closes today", this becomes "When the post office closes today" without the dispatch phrase. You should add preferred-hint ("When does the post office close today?") to handle the ungrammatical utterance.

If you add a preferred-hint, make sure that the utterance has been trained properly as this utterance is what gets passed back to Bixby.


hints {
uncategorized {
hint ("In Dice, roll some dice") {
preferred-hint ("Roll some dice")
hint ("With Dice, throw dice") {
preferred-hint ("Throw dice")
hint ("In Dice, play a dice game") {
preferred-hint ("Play a dice game")

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