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2019 January - March

6.7.1 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: March 27, 2019

In this release, we didn't release any major features, but we did fix a number of bugs and made minor refinements to menus and shortcuts.

6.7 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: March 8, 2019

6.7 Submission Description Search

You now can search through your previous submissions within Submission History. Simply type and press Enter or Return to filter the results.

Search History window

Currently, partial word search is not supported and delimited words, such as the capsule ID (example.capsule), are treated as one word.

Learn more about searching submission history.

Simulator Updates

Relaxation Support and Improved Dialog

We've updated the Simulator to show when relaxation occurs. We've also made overall improvements to how dialog is shown.

Relaxation Support in Simulator, with a box around the relexed setting that says "Excluding: 24h"

Understanding Page, with the relaxed setting outlined in a red box that says "Excluding: 24h"

6.6 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: March 4, 2019

On-Device Testing

In addition to the Simulator, you now have the ability to test your capsule on a Bixby-enabled device. Testing on device lets you see the actual end-user experience.

To test on a device, you must use a compatible device and make a private submission.

Learn more about On-Device Testing.

ASR and TTS Capability in the Simulator

Bixby Developer Studio now has text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) capability in the device simulator.

  • When TTS is enabled, the Simulator speaks Bixby's dialog aloud.

  • When you use ASR, your speech is transcribed in real-time into the Simulator's input window while you hold down the microphone icon or spacebar, and the query is run when you release the mouse button or spacebar.

Learn more about Testing Speech.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

When you use Plan Versions in the Debug Console to navigate through the execution plan, the graph now retains state.

In rare error cases where workspace components in Bixby Studio hang due to rendering issues, Bixby Studio can now catch these and let you recover by reloading the editor tabs or the entire workspace.

A bug in the Debug Console that could cause action input values to display as reference IDs rather than the actual values has been fixed.

6.5 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 28, 2019

6.5 Debug Console Updates

Selection History

In this release, you can now retrace your selections within the Debug Console using selection history.

If you select nodes within the execution graph, or if you select sections of the X-ray Panel, you can click on the left and right arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the Debug Console to navigate through previous selections.

Learn more about selection history within the Execution Graph.

6.4 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 14, 2019

In this release, we've fixed a bunch of bugs and added some notable features to the Debug Console and Simulator.

6.4 Debug Console Updates

Plan Versions

When using the Debug Console, you can now use Plan Versions to follow each step of plan execution.

Animation going through different plan versions by using the Older button in Plan Steps

After you run an utterance or Aligned NL, you can open the Debug Console and click the Plan Versions button on the left side:

Plan Versions UI, with arrows pointing to Plan Versions button in the upper left settings and to the Plan Steps options in the bottom left corner of the Debug Console

Use Plan Versions as part of your debugging to see to see what nodes are affected at each step and to see why plan modifications occur.


Plan Versions is currently in a preview state. We'll be adding more functionality to it in the near future.

Learn more about Plan Versions.

Updated Plan Graph

We've further refined the design of the plan graph. For example, we now provide a new look with actions pointing to the connected output and hexagons representing imported capsules:

Plan Graph, with an arrow pointing to a hexagon for the imported viv.self capsule and an arrow pointing to the connected Constructor action

Optional Inputs with No Data Now Collapsed

We've fixed a bug that previously expanded all optional inputs even when there was no data for those inputs. Now, any optional inputs without data are collapsed into a single node marked Optional Inputs.

Plan graph with an arrow pointing to a Collapsed Optional Input with 16 Optional Inputs

6.4 Support for App Launch in the Simulator

If your capsule launches an app, the Simulator now allows you to preview this functionality, though it does not actually launch the app. You can also see a log of metadata associated with the app-launch feature:

App Launch preview

Learn more about simulating app-launch.

Bixby Developer Studio

New Capsule Manager

We've updated Bixby Developer Studio so that you no longer have to go to settings to manage capsules.

You can now create, remove, sync, and unsync files using the capsule manager available above the file explorer pane:

Learn more about about managing capsules in the Files view.

Warning for Training Errors

We now warn you if you have a training file that has a syntax error in it. As a reminder, you should not manually edit training files. Doing so can result in syntax errors.