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Bixby Developer Center


2019 January - March

6.5 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 28, 2019

Debug Console

Selection History

In this release, you can now retrace your selections within the Debug Console using selection history.

If you select nodes within the execution graph, or if you select sections of the X-ray Panel, you can click on the left and right arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the Debug Console to navigate through previous selections.

Selection History

Learn more about selection history within the Execution Graph.

6.4 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 14, 2019

In this release, we've fixed a bunch of bugs and added some notable features to the Debug Console and Simulator.

Debug Console

Plan Versions

When using the Debug Console, you can now use Plan Versions to follow each step of plan execution.

Plan Versions

After you run an utterance or aligned NL, you can open the Debug Console and click the Plan Versions button on the left side:

Plan Versions UI

Use Plan Versions as part of your debugging to see to see what nodes are affected at each step and to see why plan modifications occur.


Plan Versions is currently in a preview state. We'll be adding more functionality to it in the near future.

Learn more about Plan Versions.

Updated Plan Graph

We've further refined the design of the plan graph. For example, we now provide a new look with actions pointing to the connected output and hexagons representing imported capsules:

Plan Graph

Optional Inputs with No Data Now Collapsed

We've fixed a bug that previously expanded all optional inputs even when there was no data for those inputs. Now, any optional inputs without data are collapsed into a single node marked Optional Inputs.

Collapsed Optional Input


Support for App Launch

If your capsule launches an app, the Simulator now allows you to preview this functionality, though it does not actually launch the app. You can also see a log of metadata associated with the app-launch feature:

App Launch preview

Learn more about simulating app-launch.

Bixby Developer Studio

New Capsule Manager

We've updated Bixby Developer Studio so that you no longer have to go to settings to manage capsules.

You can now create, remove, sync, and unsync files using the capsule manager available above the file explorer pane:

Manage capsules

Learn more about about managing capsules using Application Tabs.


Warning for Training Errors

We now warn you if you have a training file that has a syntax error in it. As a reminder, you should not manually edit training files. Doing so can result in syntax errors.