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Bixby Views

This capsule displays many of the common layouts used in Bixby Views.

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Because you cannot submit a capsule with the example namespace, in order to test a sample capsule on a device, you must change the id in the capsule.bxb file from example to your organization's before making a private submission.

For example, if your namespace is acme, change example.commonLayouts to acme.commonLayouts.

The Common Layouts sample capsule is trained with a set of utterances that call up a set of cards, cells, and other input components:

  • "Show an image card"
  • "Show a thumbnail card"
  • "Show a compound card"
  • "Show an image carousel"
  • "Show an image list"
  • "Show a cell area"
  • "Show a cell card"
  • "Show an input cell"
  • "Show a partition"
  • "Show a map"
  • "Show a title area"
  • "Show a title card"
  • "Show an hbox"
  • "Show an attribution link"

These layouts are defined in the resources/base/layouts directory of the capsule:

├── compound-card/
│   ├── Flower_Compound_Card.layout.bxb
│   ├── Hotel_Compound_Card.layout.bxb
│   └── RideShare_Compound_Card.layout.bxb
├── details/
│   ├── Flower_Details.layout.bxb
│   ├── Hotel_Details.layout.bxb
│   ├── Hotel_Rating.layout.bxb
│   └── RideShare_Details.layout.bxb
├── image-card/
│   ├── Flower_Image_Card.layout.bxb
│   ├── Hotel_Image_Card.layout.bxb
│   └── RideShare_Image_Card.layout.bxb
└── thumbnail-card/
    ├── Flower_Thumbnail_Card.layout.bxb
    ├── Hotel_Thumbnail_Card.layout.bxb
    └── Rideshare_Thumbnail_Card.layout.bxb

For more details about specific components, read Creating Bixby Views.