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Provides access to archived concepts by type. This typically means that these archived concepts are in the Activity stage of a transactional workflow. If you need to differentiate between different activities within a capsule, you need to set a specific $id property. For more information, see Transactional Workflows.

  • Importing with JavaScript Runtime Version 1:
    var transaction = require('transaction')
  • Importing with JavaScript Runtime Version 2:
    import transaction from 'transaction'

The following sections describe the available methods within this module. Each section includes a table that lists the parameters for that method, as well as the parameter's type and description.

transaction.retrieve(type, state, limit)

Look up an archived concepts by type, with optional TransactionState and limit (default is 20). Archived concepts are ordered by descending date.

Kind: Static method of transactionAccess: Public

typeStringThe concept type to retrieve
stateStringThe activity state. You can specify one of the activity state keys, PENDING to indicate SCHEDULED or RELEVANT, or ALL to indicate all states. Default is ALL.
limitIntegerThe number of concepts to retrieve (You can retrieve as many as needed, but the default is 20.)