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6797 (Move From Runtime Flags To Runtime Version)

After the introduction of runtime flags, we're further refining this feature with the introduction of runtime version. Runtime version (runtime-version) allows you to enable a specific set of runtime flags. Once you can specify a runtime version, you can further use the overrides key to refine specific flags.

With the introduction of runtime versions, we're deprecating the declaration of individual runtime flags. You can continue to enable or disable individual flags as overrides to runtime-version.

Learn more about runtime versions and runtime flags.


We don't intend to deprecate runtime-version in the future (unless there is a security or otherwise critical issue). Therefore, you can migrate to runtime-version without concern for adding new runtime flags.


capsule {
runtime-version (2) { // required
overrides { // optional
no-fallback-to-result-collections (false) // explicitly turns this behavior off
concepts-inherit-super-type-features (true) // explicitly turns this behavior on

Deprecation Stages

Learn more about the deprecation stages.

  • Stage 1: R19W
  • Stage 2: R20A (This deprecation will remain on Stage 2 permanently)
  • End of Life: None