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This section has samples, which are individual capsules that shows how to use a single platform feature. The platform feature being highlighted, the accompanying documentation, and the GitHub location are listed in the table below. When applicable, there is a short description of the caplet linked in the Platform Feature column.

Platform FeatureLearn MoreGitHub Repository
AudioAudio Library GuideLink
Bixby ViewsBixby Views GuideLink
Continuation for TrainingTraining GuideLink
Dialog AffirmationDialog GuideLink
Input Validation and Error HandlingError Handling Guide
Input Validation Guide
HTTP API CallsCalling Web Services Guide
HTTP JavaScript API
Input FormsInput Views GuideLink
Location SearchLocation Library GuideLink
Match PatternsMatch Patterns GuideLink
PermissionsGranting Capsule Permissions GuideLink
Phone CallsPhone Call Library GuideLink
Preference LearningPreference Learning GuideLink
Refreshing ContentRefreshing Content GuideLink
Selection LearningSelection Learning GuideLink
SharingShare Via Library GuideLink
Text MessagingText Message Library GuideLink
Time Test HarnessDate Time Library GuideLink
User ContextPassing User Context Information GuideLink
User PersistenceUser Data Persistence Guide (APIs)Link

Because you cannot submit a capsule with the example namespace, in order to test a sample capsule on a device, you must change the id in the capsule.bxb file from example to your organization's before making a private submission.