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Deploying Your Capsule

This section discusses how to prepare and deploy your capsule for the Bixby Marketplace.

If you are an internal developer, make sure you understand the additional requirements needed to access internal privileges.

  • Preparing Your Capsule
    [This topic has moved to the Managing Your Capsules topic].
    • If you are just getting started on creating a capsule, see Setting Up Your Capsule. You should set up and develop your capsule fully before reaching the deployment process described in this topic.
    • If you are getting your capsule ready for submission, see Deployment Checklist (below).
  • Deployment Checklist
    Lists important tasks to get your capsule on the Marketplace
  • Preparing Your Release
    Discusses the steps you need to take before creating a submission.
  • Working with the Marketplace
    Discusses how to create submissions and how to submit for review.
  • Privacy Policy Guidelines
    Explains the minimum requirements for your capsule regarding privacy policies related to the US Marketplace.
  • Privacy Policy Guidelines - KR
    Explains the requirements for your capsule if releasing to the Korean marketplace.