Bixby Developer Center


Developers' Guides

The Bixby Developers' Guides are organized by different tasks to create your capsule.

Make sure that you read and follow Bixby's Design Guidelines as you develop your capsule.

  • Using Bixby Developer Studio
    How to use Bixby Developer Studio, the development environment for Bixby capsules.
  • Modeling
    Describes how to model your capsule's actions and concepts.
  • Program Generation
    Describes Bixby's program generation process, including the planner and learning techniques.
  • Handling Natural Language
    How Bixby handles natural language input, covering training, vocabulary, and conversational techniques.
  • Creating the User Interface
    Describes how to create the look and feel of Bixby's UI, including views, layouts, and dialog.
  • Testing Capsules
    Describes how to test and debug your capsules, both in a simulator and on-device.
  • Deploying Capsules
    Describes preparing your capsule for release and deploying it to the marketplace.
  • Capsule Life Cycle
    Provides an overview of a capsule's life cycle from planning through updating.
  • Supplemental Topics
    Topics including the JavaScript runtime, localization, payments, and troubleshooting.