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optionalvalue required

Description of the capsule. This should accurately describe the purpose of your capsule. You can have a maximum of 900 characters in the description. If you are using Unicode characters (such as Korean), your limit is 450 characters.

If your capsule requires additional hardware to successfully execute your capsule, make sure you add this information in this description.

You must define this key to be approved for the Marketplace. For more information, see the Deploying Your Capsule Developers' Guide.


// resources/en/capsule-info.bxb
capsule-info {
description (Calculate the appropriate gratuity for a given service.)
// Word Sensei's capsule-info.bxb file
capsule-info {
description ("Bixby's first English-Japanese dictionary. Powered by jisho, Kanji Alive, and Wiktionary APIs.")

Here's the description in the Word Sensei capsule's Details page:

Capsule Description as seen on Details page