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Defines the set of keywords to use when searching in the Bixby Marketplace. You must have between one and ten keyword declarations. This enables your capsule to be more searchable in the Marketplace. In general, search terms should be related to your business.

When picking keywords, keep in mind that you can add legitimate search keywords that are related to your line of business. For example, if you are a ride share company called "Super" and your main competitor is called "Swyft", then you could add "Swyft" as a search keyword because they are legitimately related to each other. However, you should add a comment when including those keywords to explain your choice.

You must define this key to be approved for the Marketplace. For more information, see the Deploying Your Capsule Developers' Guide.


// resources/en/capsule-info.bxb
capsule-info {
keyword (tips)
keyword (calculator)
keyword (gratuity)

Tips search

// My Japanese Dictionary capsule-info.bxb file
search-keywords {
keyword (Japanese)
keyword (English)
keyword (dictionary)
keyword (foreign language)
keyword (kanji)
keyword (translate)
keyword (Japanese character)

My Japanese Dictionary search keywords

Child Keys

A keyword (or phrase) to be used when searching in the capsule marketplace to help identify your capsule