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optionalvalue optional

Controls whether to display item numbers in lists in result and input views when enhanced list navigation is enabled. Bixby's behavior depends on whether this override is set to true or false (or left unset):

  • true: item numbers will always be enabled in lists, unless overridden within a view.
  • false or not set (the default): item numbers will be enabled for lists in input views and disabled for lists in result views, unless overridden within a view.


capsule {
runtime-version (9) {
overrides {
show-ordinals-on-list (true)

Also see the show-ordinals-on-list view override, which defines this behavior on a per-view basis.


The enhanced-list-navigation capsule override must be set to true for show-ordinals-on-list to have any effect.

Currently, this key only applies to mobile devices. It will be made available on other devices in the future.