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optionalvalue optional

Changes how halt effects are handled during the computation of a computed-input.

When enabled, if Bixby encounters a halt effect during the computation of a computed-input, capsule execution will halt. If this effect is undesired, reconsider how you implement Effects in your actions.

When disabled, if a halt effect is encountered during a computed-input, execution proceeds and the input remains empty, as the computation never completes.

This runtime flag is enabled by default in the following runtime versions:


capsule {
runtime-version (1) {
overrides {
support-halt-effect-in-computed-inputs (true) // explicitly turns this behavior on

For example, consider a tip calculator capsule, which calculates the tip amount by taking a user input for a tip percent number. If the input is negative, it throws an error and tries to halt. If the flag is not specified, the action never receives a tip percent but a total amount is calculated. You, as the developer, would have to make sure there is a default tip percent if the computed tip percent from the user input stays empty. However, if the flag is set, then Bixby will halt and a final amount is never calculated.