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optionalvalue optional

Changes the behavior of how input prompt responses are handled.

When enabled, if a prompt response utterance or intent fails to produce an execution graph that connects a value signal to the goal, the prompt response is then considered off-topic to the current prompt and is re-interpreted outside of the context of the prompt.

This runtime flag is enabled by default in the following runtime versions:


capsule {
runtime-version (2) {
overrides {
modern-prompt-rejection (false) // explicitly turns this behavior off

For example, consider a flower delivery capsule that prompts the user with "What size flowers do you want to choose?" before it gives an order confirmation. If the user says something unrelated like "Deliver on June 20th" and the flag is specified, Bixby goes off-topic and instead searches for flowers available for delivery on June 20th. However, if the flag is not specified, the user would stay on the prompt until a proper response is given.