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optionalvalue optional

Prevents duplicate elements in a node from being automatically removed.

By default, Bixby will ensure multi-value properties have only unique values by merging duplicate values. For example, imagine an Item structure concept:

structure (Item) {
property (name) {
type (Name)
min (Required) max (One)
property (departments) {
type (Department)
min (Required) max (Many)

The departments property can contain multiple Department values, but those values cannot be duplicates of one another. If departments had the values ["Hardware", "Toys", "Home Goods"], you could add the value "Kitchen" to it, but if you added the value "Toys", it would automatically be merged with the existing value "Toys" and the values would remain unique.

If, however, you specify the no-auto-property-value-merging override, this merging will not take place, and a multiple-value node can contain the same value more than once.

You can use the Expression Language function dedupe to manually remove duplicate values in a node. See Merging and Equivalence for more details.

This runtime flag is enabled by default in the following runtime versions:


capsule {
runtime-version (4) {
overrides {
no-auto-property-value-merging (false) // explicitly turns this behavior off