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optionalvalue optional

Allows capsules to use dialog fragments/macros that evaluate to empty strings in dialog templates.

When this runtime flag is enabled, a template that contains a non-optional dialog fragment or macro that evaluates to an empty string will return the template string, including the empty dialog fragment/macro. When the flag is disabled, the empty fragment/macro will cause the template to fail and either fall back to a less specific match if one is available, or if not, return an empty string.

template ("if #{raw(typedValue('viv.core.Text',''))} it is okay")

With this flag enabled, the above template returns this value:

if it is okay

With this flag disabled, the above template will return an empty string ("") or a less-specific match if one has been provided.

This runtime flag is enabled by default in the following runtime versions:


capsule {
runtime-version (8) {
overrides {
allow-empty-fragments-in-dialog-templates (false) // explicitly turns this behavior off