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The specific section of the Marketplace store that this capsule is available. You can define further visibility constraints if necessary. You can specify up to two sections that are applicable to your capsule.

You can choose from the following store sections:

SectionDescriptionKeywords and Examples
ArtAndLifestyleCapsules that assist users with a general-interest subject matter or service relating to art or lifestyles.Sketchbooks, painter tools, art and design tools, coloring books, style guides, wedding and party planning, DIY how-to guides, crafts, hobbies, parenting, fashion, home improvement
BusinessAndFinanceCapsules that assist users in performing business or financial transactions or assist the user with personal and business finance.Personal financial management, mobile banking, investment, bill reminders, budgets, debt management, tax, small business finance, insurance, document editor and reader, package tracking, remote desktop, email management, job search, payment, ATM finders, financial news, insurance, taxes, portfolio/trading, tip calculators
CommunicationCapsules that enable users to communicate seamlessly with their business and personal contacts.Messaging, chat/IM, dialers, address books, browsers, call management
EducationAndReferenceCapsules that assist users in learning, accessing, or retrieving information.Atlas, dictionaries, thesaurus, quotations, encyclopedia, general research, animals, law, religious, how-tos, politics, Wikipedia, exam preparation, study-aids, vocabulary, educational games, language learning
FoodAndDrinkCapsules that provide recommendations, instructions, or critique related to the consumption, preparation, or review of food and/beverages.Recipe collections, cooking guides, restaurant reviews, celebrity chefs/recipes, dietary and food allergies, alcohol reviews, brewery guides, international cuisine, recipes, restaurants, food guides, wine tasting and discovery, beverage recipes
GamesAndFunCapsules that provide single or multiplayer interactive activities or games for entertainment purposes.Action, adventure, board, card, family, music, puzzle, racing, role playing, simulation, sports, strategy
HealthAndFitnessCapsules that relate to living healthier, including capsules for meditation, stress management, fitness, and recreational activities.Yoga, muscle diagrams, workout tracking, running, cycling, stress management, pregnancy, meditation, weight loss, pilates, acupuncture/acupressure, Eastern/Chinese medicine, personal fitness, workout tracking, diet and nutritional tips, health and safety
LocalCapsules that relate to local information, guidance, entertainment.City guides, local business information, trip management tools, tour booking, sightseeing
MoviesAndTVCapsules that relate to streaming of television and movies, interactive entertainment, TV channels.Channel guides, streaming video, movies, TV, interactive entertainment
MusicAndAudioCapsules that are for discovering, curating, listening to, performing, or composing music, and that are interactive in nature.Music creation, radio, education, sound editing, music discovery, composition, lyric writing, band and recording artists, music videos and concerts, concert ticketing, music services, radios, music players
NewsAndMagazinesCapsules that provide information about current events or developments in areas of interest such as politics, entertainment, sports, business, science, and technology.Television, video, radio, or online news outlets or programs, RSS readers, newspapers, news aggregators, magazines, blogs
PhotographyCapsules that assist with capturing, editing, managing, storing, or sharing photos and videos.Capture, editing, special effects, sharing, imaging, printing, greeting card creation, manuals
ProductivityCapsules that optimize specific tasks and/or make tasks more organized and efficient.Task management, calendar management, translation, note taking, printing, password management, cloud storage, email clients, flow chart generators, audio dictation, simulation, data viewing, notepad, to do list, keyboard, printing, calendar, backup, calculator, conversion
ShoppingCapsules that support the purchase of consumer goods or improve upon existing shopping experiences, either in store or online.Commerce, marketplace, product review, online shopping, auctions, coupons, price comparison, grocery lists, product reviews, delivery services, package tracking
SmartHomeCapsules that enable a user to control and check the status of smart home devices.Light bulbs, switches, plugs, thermostats, fans, locks, entertainment systems, sensors, TVs, fridge, security systems
SocialCapsules that connect people by means of text, voice, photo, or video. Apps that contribute to community development.Interpersonal connections, text messaging, voice messaging, video communication, photo and video sharing, dating, blogs, special interest communities, companion apps for traditional social networking services
SportsCapsules that assist with keeping up to date with, following, watching sports activities, events and highlights.ESPN, sports news, score tracking, commentary, score tracking, fantasy team management, game coverage
TravelAndTransportationCapsules that assist with any aspect of travel, including but not limited to planning, purchasing, check-in’s, and tracking.Flight tracking, multiple time zone clocks, city guides, hotel shopping, rental car shopping, air fare shopping, vacation planning, public transportation, travel rewards, trip booking tools, ride sharing
UtilitiesCapsules that enable a user to solve a problem or complete a specific task.Calculators (standard, tip, financial), clocks, measurement, time, web browsing, flashlight, screen locks, barcode scanner, unit conversion tools, password management, remote controls
WeatherCapsules that provide forecasts, alerts, and information related to weather conditions.Radar, forecast, storms, tides, severe weather, local weather


capsule {
store-sections {
section (MusicAndAudio)
section (ArtAndLifestyle) {
visibility-constraints {
country-constraints: allow-list {
allow (US)
section (TravelAndTransportation)
store-countries {

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  store-sections {
section (GamesAndFun)

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