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Specifies the URL to your capsule's cross border data transfer agreements (such as locations, countries, and where data is stored). An example would be the agreements required in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


If your capsule supports the Korean store country and you are transferring information outside of the country, you are required to provide the cross-border-data-transfer agreement. For example, if you are asking for the weather in Korea, but your data server is in the US, this URL is required. The agreement should include the following information, as stated in Article 63 of Transborder data flow page:

The information and communications service providers, etc. shall notify 
the user in advance of the whole matters stated in the 
following Subparagraphs:
1. The items of personal information to be transfered;
2. The state to which personal information will be transferred, the 
date and time of transfer and the method thereof;
3. The name (referring to the company name and the contact points of 
the officer in charge of data protection in case of a juridical person) 
of a person who will be provided with the personal information; and
4. The purpose of utilization, and the period of retention and 
utilization, of personal information on the part of a person who will 
be provided with the personal information.

Even if you have this information listed in your terms-and-conditions or privacy-policy URL, you need to specify the URL to that agreement in this key as well.


legal {
country-documents {
store-country (US)
cross-border-data-transfer {
url (

Child Keys

URL that points to a legal document