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optionalvalue required

Effect that drops a specified input from an action.

Example - on-empty

The FindRecipes action attempts to find recipes fulfilling a number of user inputs. However, in some cases there might be no results satisfying all these inputs at once. Instead of going to the NoResults state, you can use drop effects to loosen and repeat the search.

This example checks for the presence of several different constraints and repeats the search without them. Wrapping them inside an ordered-effects block allows multiple inputs to be dropped at once. By grouping drop effects together like this, it reduces the number of relaxation passes and allows Bixby to get results faster.

output (Recipe) {
on-empty {
if (exists(servings)) {
drop (servings)
} else-if (exists(course) || exists(meal) || exists(cuisine)) {
ordered-effects {
drop (course)
drop (meal)
drop (cuisine)

Example - on-catch

When implementing an action in the JavaScript layer, you might want to explicitly ask the action modeling layer to drop an input. This way the input is also removed from context and this is reflected in the dialog. To do so, decide on a CheckedError code to throw and catch.

In this example, the action was looking for a geocoded address and requested for the postal code to be dropped:

on-catch {