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requiredvalue optional

A required field that represents the point in time where you want to "anchor" the activity. Typically, this is the start time. However, in cases of activities that have multiple critical points in time (like ride sharing or a multi-leg flight) or is dependent on other factors, you can choose to set this value differently on every activity refresh or use conditional blocks to evaluate and pass an appropriate time value. It does not have to be the time at which the activity becomes relevant. In the case of flights, this could be the check-in time or the departure time. For ride booking, time could be the estimated time of arrival. The "activity time" expression is re-evaluated during an activity refresh.

The value of this field is used to sort or rank the activity update among a set of updates.

You can use the Date/Time EL Functions to further evaluate and conditionally set the time passed for the activity.


The time that you pass must be of type or subtype BaseDate or BaseDateTime. Your time value cannot be empty and your capsule can only pass a single time value.


activity-support {
match {
Receipt (this)
time (statusRefreshTime)

View 067e4b0 on GitHub

time {
if (isFuture(this.startDate)) { // uses a Date EL function to check if the startDate is upcoming
} else {
structure (Event) {
features {transient}
activity (event) {
time (startTime)

Child Keys

Expression that must evaluate to an appropriate argument