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Defines a default value for a primitive-type property. You cannot define a default value for a structure-type property. If defined and if a value cannot be found for that property, then the default value will be used. Structures inherit any default values defined for properties from a parent structure.

If the property has a min cardinality of Optional, it will automatically be changed to Required if also defining a default-value.


You cannot define a bind value and a default-value for a property at the same time. If a structure overrides a primitive-type property from a parent and the parent has a default-value for that property, the child structure can override the default-value value with either its own default-value or bind. Otherwise, the default-value will be inherited from the parent.


structure (Struct) {
property (int) {
type (viv.core.Integer)
min (Required)
default-value (5)