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Identifies a Preference Binding Point (PBP) that Bixby will monitor to learn user preferences. Over time, this cumulative knowledge can lead to custom results, re-ranking, highlights proposals, and more.

This annotation is inherited from parent structures.

The property should be visible from the View and it must belong to the structure at hand. You can use dot notation to drill deeper into that property, but the ultimate concept type must be a Primitive. You can only use preferable with Enum , Boolean, Name, or Qualified types.

In order to monitor a property that is either invisible to the user or of a different type, you can use an observation-alias.


structure (TripOption) {
property(carriers) {
type (Carrier)
min(Required) max (Many)
visibility (Private)

// carriers.code is recorded as a preference whenever carriers.logo is visible
features {
preferable {
preference (carriers.code) {
observation-alias (carriers.logo)

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Child Keys

Specifies a learnable property in a preferable block