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Declare an action that can be called to resolve partial instances returned by another action.


Since this kind of action might be used frequently, you should not be making any external calls, but resolve the structure based solely on the information provided in the argument passed in.


structure (air.Airport) {
// "magically" resolve partial instances at compilation time using this action
compile-time-resolved-by {
air.ResolveAirport {
codeIATA: $expr (codeIATA)

In the above example, the function implementation for an action can return an Airport structure with only the airport code filled in:

codeIata: `SFO`

This action might not have all the information to fully populate the Airport structure's required properties. You can specify another action with the compile-time-resolved-by key to create a fully-formed structure. In this example, ResolveAirport creates the Airport structure by looking up the IATA code.