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Contains the various ordinal selection patterns that a user might say to Bixby. These are in addition to the ordinal selection commands automatically provided by the platform.

So for example, pattern ("the (first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector] hotel") tags the ordinal word first as the value signal viv.core.OrdinalSelector, indicating the first hotel in the list. You can alternatively use the viv.core.CardinalSelector label to indicate a numbered result and its value, as in the example below. The platform can then extrapolate what a user means when they say something like "the second hotel" or "the third hotel", so these examples do not need to be added to the ordinal-selection-patterns list in your navigation-support file.


 ordinal-selection-patterns {
pattern ("(first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector]")
pattern ("(first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector] one")
pattern ("that (first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector] one")

pattern ("yes (first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector]")
pattern ("yes (first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector] one")
pattern ("yes that (first)[v:viv.core.OrdinalSelector] one")

pattern ("result number (one)[v:viv.core.CardinalSelector:1]")

Child Keys

The specific selection pattern to include in your hands-free list navigation