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Specifies a plan intent embedded inside another.

Internally, the subplan signal looks exactly like an intent. It contains a goal signal and can optionally contain any of the other signals, even another subplan. Using this signal means that the plan generated for the intent should contain the plan that would be generated for the subplan if it were evaluated as a standalone intent.


This subplan from the Space Resorts sample capsule prompts the user to narrow down the selection if more than one option is available in the search results.

    computed-input (newPod) {
type (HabitatPod)
min (Required)
max (One)
//Prompts user if there are more than one option available
compute {
intent {
goal {
subplan {
goal: FindPods
value: $expr(spaceResort)
value: $expr(numberOfAstronauts)
value: $expr(dateInterval)

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