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A goal specifies one model type, be it a concept or an action, that will be the target of the plan. If the objective is to find one or more concepts (or properties of a concept) then you usually want to use the concept or a property of a structure concept as the goal (such as viv.rideShare.RideShare), instead of using the Search action as the goal (viv.rideShare.FindRideShare). On the other hand, if the objective is to perform some action with external side-effects, you can use the action itself (such as viv.rideShare.BookRideShare) as the goal.

intent {
goal: viv.uber.BookRideShare

For more information on intents and its child keys, see the intent reference.

Child Keys

Enables you to specify the conversational context of your intent
This key is deprecated
Enables you to prompt at a signal node, regardless of whether an input min- or max-cardinality constraint has been violated