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Defines a group view using an existing layout that matches on the specified value. It will lookup the layout for a given concept in a given mode.


Be aware of which components you are adding to your layouts and layout macros, because different components are available under different views. If you call a layout or layout macro in a view and that layout specifies a component that the view does not support, Bixby Developer Studio will throw an error. Similarly, you should consider which layout macros are being called within a layout itself. The same layout macro invoked in one component might not be valid if used within a different component, as the list of supported child components could differ.

You can read the Designing with Bixby Views Design Guide and the Building Bixby Views (UI) Developers' Guide to check if your layout is using the correct components for that moment and that view.


      layout-match (hotel) {
mode (Details)

View a39ed2b on GitHub

        detail-view {
render {
layout-match (this) {
mode (Details)

View f594fd2 on GitHub

You can repeat components within a layout-match content container using a for-each loop:

layout-match {
mode (...)
match: ...
content {
for-each (x) {
as (y) {
section {
content {

Child Keys

Selection button text
Defines the layout type and/or which layout file to call