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Generates a view with editable fields using various interactive components for users to input information. As directed in the Input Moment Design Guide, you should make a separate form for each piece of information you need from the user. For more information on which elements to use in your form, see the reference page for the individual elements.

Within a form, you can use text fields (such as text-input, number-input, and textarea) and controls (such as checkbox, slider, and switch-input) to create a form for users to fill in with inputs. For examples, see the various subcomponents' reference pages and the Input Forms Sample Capsule.

Watch and TV devices do not support displaying this component. If you need users to input information on these devices, you can add hands-free support, by following the hands-free mode design guidelines. Users can then input information by voice.

Child Keys

Defines which input view elements are in the form
Defines the intent after user submits the form
Enables you to customize the text of the submit button for certain components